Navy Football

The annual Army vs. Navy game is one of the most heralded rivalries in college football, filled with tradition and pageantry. It also serves as one of the most anticipated uniform matchups of the year, and now both Army and Navy have revealed their special outfits for their clash on Saturday, Dec. 9. Of course, neither one disappoints. 

Monday, the Midshipmen revealed submarine-themed uniforms honoring the "Silent Service" which are set to be worn during the annual clash with the Black Knights.  Every element of the uniform, from the helmets right down to the gloves, references submarine warfare in some form or fashion. For example, the helmets are painted with a Virginia Class submarine underwater on one side, while the other features Navy's anchor logo with an integrated submariner pin. That's one aspect of a look that is sure to get plenty of folks' attention on game day. 

Army, meanwhile, is continuing its tradition of honoring specific divisions of the branch. This year, the Black Knights are paying homage to the 3rd Infantry Division (3ID). The 3rd Infantry Division was activated on Nov. 21, 1917, the same year that the U.S. entered World War I, but Army is going for a more modern take. 

The Black Knights are wearing tan overall to denote the desert that the 3rd Infantry Division operated in during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 3ID served as the tip of the armored spearhead during the land invasion of Iraq, which commenced on March 21, 2003. 

Army's uniform is replete with small details honoring the 3rd Infantry Division. The Black Knights will wear helmets emblazoned with "Rocky the Bulldog," the official mascot of the 3ID. Each player will also wear the number and corresponding callsign of one of the division's three brigades on the back of their helmet. The uniform also has common tank markings scattered about. 

The 124th meeting of Army vs. Navy takes place on Saturday, Dec. 9 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, at 3 p.m. ET on CBS. The Black Knights will have the chance to win the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy outright after previously upsetting Air Force on the road. Navy, with a win, can only clinch a share after losing to Air Force at home.