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There were 19 coaching changes this silly season. That's considered a slow year in the coaching carousel that never seems to stop spinning.

Since 2019, there have been 114 total coaching changes -- an average of 22.8 per year in an FBS that has grown to 133 members. That's a turnover rate of approximately 18% each season. Job security may be improving simply because there isn't enough money to fire everybody.

Budgets may have finally become the great equalizer in a profession that had thrown out buyout money as if it were Groupons.

This season's changes range from the scandalous (Mel Tucker at Michigan State) to the costly (Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M) to the inspiring (Willie Fritz to Houston).

Never think for a second that the carousel has stopped spinning. There's always something distasteful lurking out there. (Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald was fired in July.) For now, here are the grades for this silly season's Class of 2024.