There is no bad time to make a Dynasty Fantasy Football trade. That is one of the great parts of this game. But there are better times to make a trade, and we are in the peak season for trading both 2024 rookie picks and 2024 rookies. The question is what you are trading them for. 

That question comes up because it is also a very dangerous time to be trading for veterans, particularly veterans who have uncertain futures beyond 2024. Trading for an Aaron Rodgers or Davante Adams or Travis Kelce, or even Christian McCaffrey comes with more risk because any negativity between now in September can sink not just their 2024 value but all of their Dynasty value. That's why, if I am trading for a player at the end of their career I either want to do it in October or get a significant discount.

Below, I've highlighted six recent trades you all sent me on social media, hopefully highlighting a wide variety of guys. I will give my take on the trade and the relevant players that make me feel that way.

I'll start analyzing each of these trades by my trade charts, of which I have two over on Sportsline. Both are set up for full PPR leagues where you start two running backs, three receivers, and a tight end. One is for leagues where you can only start one quarterback, while the other is for any league where you can start two. You can find them here at Sportsline.

Dave Richard and I did a whole episode of Fantasy Football Today Dynasty about the trade values of my top 12 rookies and we also graded several Dynasty trades that are not listed below. Check it out:

Now let's get to your trades:

The reader clarified that this is a Superflex league, which only makes me love this trade even more. In my Superflex trade chart, Marvin Harrison, my 1.01, is worth 34.7 points. Jayden Daniels, my 1.03, is worth 31.8 while Malik Nabers, my 1.04, is worth 28.2. That is a massive win even when considering that in a two-for-one deal, I expect at least a 10% premium, which would mean the 1.01 should get at least 38.2 points in value back. You got 60! A-plus.

Friend of the show Matt Waldman still likes Nabers just as much as Harrison, which means you just picked up my QB2 in the class for free according to him. Waldman explained his take on the top wide receivers in the class on a recent episode of FFT Dynasty.

Let me start with this qualifier: In a Superflex league, I value Anthony Richardson (38.9) higher than Christian McCaffrey (30.1). Considering you are giving up the best player in the deal and it is a three-for-two deal, I would want to see you win this deal by at least 10% on the chart. According to my chart, you gave up 49.6 in value and received 45.8. 

The win-now context does matter though, because McCaffrey is being penalized in my chart because of his age and position. Also, this trade grades better based on the picks than the players, I would like this deal a lot more if you had taken Xavier Worthy at 1.09. I'll give it a C-minus for now, but flags fly forever. If McCaffrey delivers another RB1 overall season and you win it all, you won't care about my grade.

One final note, I am not sure I would trade away a good QB if I was counting on Deshaun Watson as one of my starters.

Here is one where the two-for-one premium makes the difference. Without it I have you winning the deal 23.3 to 22.5. With it, it's a slight loss. It's just tough to give up a borderline WR1 for two guys who don't rank in my top 25 as wide receivers. But it's not hard to see how you win this trade. The guys you traded for are catching passes from Justin Herbert and Josh Allen. If one of them becomes the clear No. 1 for a superstar QB then this works out great. For now, I'll give you a C-minus.

I only bring this one up because I tweeted out right after the Titans' acquisition of Tony Pollard that I was sending out Round 3 picks for Tyjae Spears. I wasn't able to pull that off in any of my leagues, but Ross was. Now the fact that it is a 10-team league and Ross had the 3.02 makes it a bit more interesting, but my No. 22 player is Marshawn Lloyd and he ranks 10 spots behind Spears in my Dynasty Running Back Rankings. A 2025 third rounder certainly doesn't make up for that, A-minus.

The trade chart says you gave up 27.3 points in value and received 30 points. So even though you gave up the most valuable asset in the deal (1.04), you received fair value. You also have the upside of that 2025 pick turning into something even more valuable a year for now. Maybe most importantly, as a team in a complete rebuild, you obtained a 2025 first-round pick that is going to gain value in the next 10 to 11 months, for that I will give you a B. 

One note I would make is that I am not sure I love Nico Collins for a team walking into a rebuild. He's still just 25 years old, but he's only guaranteed to be attached to C.J. Stroud for one more season. I expect Tank Dell to be the WR1 of the future in Houston and Stefon Diggs brings down Collins' ceiling this season. As we get closer to the start of the season I might see if I can flip Collins for more 2025 picks, a first and a second would be enough to get me to deal him right now.

It is hard to trade veterans this time of year, so good job Brian. It's also hard to evaluate trades without knowing if they are one-QB or Superflex, so bad job Brian. In all seriousness, I love this deal either way. Barkley is exactly one of those players who could see their value plummet in the coming months. In a 12-team one-QB league I would give this trade a B-plus. If it is Superflex or a 10-team league, you got an A.