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The Utah Hockey Club has revealed its color scheme, logo and jerseys for its inaugural season in 2024-25. After relocating from Arizona, the Utah team is leaning into its geographical surroundings with its primary and secondary colors.

While it sorts out a more permanent rebrand for 2025-26 and beyond, the team will go with the Utah Hockey Club moniker for its debut season. On Thursday, Utah revealed the colors and threads it will use while it awaits its future name and logo.

Utah has chosen to go with a "rock black," "salt white" and "mountain blue" as its color scheme. The team is playing it rather simple with the logos, opting for "Utah Hockey Club" in various forms, including one featuring the state of Utah.

Those colors will stick even after the team comes up with a new name, which is currently being decided by fan vote. Until then, Utah is also playing safe with the new jerseys. The home sweater uses black as the primary color with "UTAH" spelled out diagonally. The away jersey has the same design with white as the primary color.

The diagonal text format is a common one for teams around the league, with the New York Rangers being the most iconic example. The Carolina Hurricanes, Pittsburgh Penguins and Vegas Golden Knights have also used that design in recent alternate uniforms.

The Utah Hockey Club should have its permanent rebrand ironed out soon enough, and fan voting for the new team name ends on June 20. Blizzard, Mammoth, Outlaws, Venom and Yeti are among the finalists, along with keeping the Utah Hockey Club name.